Tranquillity Yoga Wed 1pm-2pm session

Tranquility Pilates

Finding Sanctuary From Your Busy World

What is Tranquility Pilates

Gentle and safe style of pilates appropriate for our 21st century lifestyle

For any Age, Ability & Gender

Works With The Bodys Core & Strenghens All The Muscles In the Body.

You Are Encouraged to work within your Bodys Limitations.


Who Comes To Pilates

A Wide Age Range from 17years to 91 years

Men & Woman

People with Health Issues

People Who Are Healthy

People Who Work & Who Are Retired

Recommended by a Health Professional

Why People Come To Pilates

Want To Keep Active

Want To Be More Flexible & Stronger

Been Advised by a Health Profesional

Want to Get Fitter & Move Easier

Want to Manage Their Body Issues ie Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Pain etc


What Can You Achieve With Pilates

Improves Posture

Become More Flexible

A Feeling of Acomplishment

Feel Calm & Relaxed

Health Issues Improve or Managed Better

More Body Aware & How To Move Correctly

Look & Feel Better