Combined Reflexology & Angelic Reiki Treatment £30.00

Why not treat yourself to a combined treatment of Reflexology and Angelic Reiki

Costs just £30.00 for 1 hour 15min

Benefits of Reflexology

What Are The Benefits?

Stress Reduction

When we are stressed our body’s defences break down and we become more susceptible to illness and disease. Reflexology reduces stress by generating deep tranquil relaxation, helping the body balance itself and allowing healing energy to flow.

Improved Circulation

Blood needs to flow freely throughout the body carrying oxygen and nutrients to all the cells and removing the waste products of metabolism and other toxins. By reducing stress and tension, reflexology allows the cardiovascular vessels to conduct the flow of blood naturally and easily.

Stimulated Nerve Function

By stimulating more than 7000 nerves in the feet, reflexology encourages the opening and clearing of neural pathways. It interrupts pain pathways, reducing pain.

Improved Immune System

Reflexology stimulates the lymphatic system thus reducing risk of infection. It cleanses the body of toxins and impurities and also stimulates the production of endorphins, leading to an improved immune system and sense of well-being.

Increased Energy

Reflexology revitalises energy throughout the body by relaxing and opening up energy pathways.

Here are just some of the conditions that benefit from Reflexology:

Allergies, Insomnia, Arthritis, Knee problems, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Back problems, Neck problems, Blood pressure, PMS/ Hormonal Problems, Bowel disorders, Respiratory problems, Constipation, Sinusitis, Eczema, Stress Disorders, Frozen Shoulder, Thyroid Imbalance, Gynaecological disorders, Hay fever

Benefits of Angelic Reiki

Angelic Reiki works at a Soul Level, treating the cause of any condition, promoting very deep healing and transformation.

Releases of emotional blocks

Relief of stress, tension and anxiety

Pain relief and healing on different levels

Healing of past trauma and abuse

Balancing of the body’s chakras and re-establishment of harmonious flow of energy

Stimulation of immune system and acceleration of natural self healing

Improved circulation & cleansing of toxins and impurities

Greater clarity, alertness and heightened perception/healthier perspective

Closer connection with inner wisdom

Insight into underlying causes of disease

Increased ability to respond more calmly to events in life

Deep relaxation and sense of inner peace

To book please contact the centre directly (available from Tuesday – Saturday each week